Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste are the ship dedicated to transport the first colonists to the colony site.
The ship are a Worldbuilder class scout ship. 175 000 tons with a cargo hold of 32200 Kl capacity

It has several small craft in its hangars. Two Storm class Frigates capable of independent operation. Four cargocarriers 400 tons capable of carrying 3360 Kl each. Several fighters and a complement of twoseater bombers.

The ship has a great sensor array to do some survey task with and a complete lab to analyse samples from the ground.

The ships weapons are capable of holding of most pirate and even medium sized warships. It has a spinalmounted Mesongun to punch holes in ships or ground instalations if its needed.

100 Shiptroops can be used as a ground security force if in hostile areas

Mary Celeste

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