A new colony

Survey teams

Date 256-1248
Loc Gushemege Sektor
System Ishkikunbu 0537 X764000-0 Ba 000 Na F8 V* M3 V

Two teams start to survey the planet.
Team one do a mapping from orbit and scan for signs of civilisation.
Team two land on planet in G-Carrier and collect samples of flora and fauna.

A first rough planetary map will be presented tomorrow and a short report from team two will also be added. In a few days the lead surveyor will have a list of possible colony sites.

More info will be added when a full weather and mineralreport are ready but that will take some more time.

First landing

Date 255-1248
Loc Gushemege Sektor
System Ishkikunbu 0537 X764000-0 Ba 000 Na F8 V* M3 V

This is the colony system.
Grey wind arrived insystem today and began refueling from the planets ocean.

This system has no gasgiant and refueling are from ocean or icecap. When refueling are finished the first sweeps begun around the planet.

There are no signs of any settlers there and they confirmed the old survey results of size, atmosphere and hydrographics. First mapping begun.


Date 221-1248
Loc Gushemege Sektor
System Arguggashshi 0428 A265435-E N Lo Ni 700 Im G8 V

The worldbuilder class ship Mary Celeste are loading for the planned expedition.
One of its Storm class frigates the Grey wind departed for the mission area. Aboard the Grey wind are a small scout surveyteam and some colonists. They will put up the first base.

They will report back to homebase with surveyresults.

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